Benefits of attending the Forum

The Nikkei Global Management Forum brings together some of the world’s most successful business executives to discuss management philosophies, corporate strategies, and the latest global trends in management.

Immerse yourself in two days of inspiring presentations and discussions by global business leaders

It is an opportunity to listen directly to talks by the world’s most accomplished business executives. In this two-day event, you will find yourself deeply engrossed in listening to stimulating speeches by world-renowned business leaders about their views on work, management philosophies, and leadership.

"How can we make innovation happen in this rapidly changing business landscape and shape a great future with our own hands?" Be inspired by each speaker’s talk on the power of innovation.

Experienced journalists as well as professors from IMD and Harvard Business School will draw out the insights of prominent business leaders

Senior business correspondents and professors at prestigious business schools will moderate the presentations to draw out the most intriguing and valuable stories from well-known business leaders, ranging from their lesser-known anecdotes and philosophy of life to management know-how and real business strategies. Don’t miss the remarks and questions from these skilled moderators, or ‘professional listeners,’ which make the presentations livelier.

A case study of corporate strategy in light of the tectonic shifts taking place around the world

Which path should managers choose in the face of the latest technological advances such as Web 3.0, Metaverse, and automated driving, as well as rapid inflation and high resource prices? The speakers will provide case studies of the strategies they have chosen after struggling with these issues, and you will learn about the latest management trends.

An opportunity to develop yourself or to train your successors and future leaders

The Nikkei Global Management Forum can serve as an opportunity to improve your own management or leadership skills as well as a training session for your successors and executive candidates.

Who participates?

  • Senior management (top management and board members)
  • Middle management aspiring to leadership positions (directors, general managers, and section chiefs)
  • All businesspersons who want to know the latest global management trends

High levels of participant satisfaction


I want to participate next year.


I want to recommend it to the people around me.

Source: Participant questionnaire on the 23rd Nikkei Global Management Forum

Very popular among business executives


Source: Participant questionnaire on the 23rd Nikkei Global Management Forum

Past event (2018)

The contents of the 20th Nikkei Global Management Forum (Speaker's title as of the event)