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Nikkei Global Management Forum is a special event that each year brings together a carefully chosen group of the world's most accomplished business executives. The aim is to discuss corporate strategy, management philosophy and the latest trends in management from a truly global perspective. Since its inauguration in 1999, the Forum has come to be recognized as one of the most prestigious international conferences in Asia.

The theme for the 15th Nikkei Global Management Forum is
“Management Strategies for the Next Great Stride:
The Essential Requisites of a Leader”

Clouds casting dark shadows on the global economy have begun to disperse. The US economy, having overcome the aftereffects of the Lehman Shock, looks firmly poised for a steady recovery. The Eurozone crisis has entered a lull, and depreciation of the Yen signals a much-awaited turnaround for Japanese manufacturers. Corporate leaders, who for the last few years had little choice but to retrench, are now eyeing the next “great stride”. In this year’s Nikkei Global Management Forum, we will discuss management strategies and leadership qualities that are essential to stay ahead of the race in a business climate where bold decisions could bring big rewards.

Forum Information

Date October 21(Mon) - 22(Tue), 2013, from 9:30
Venue Imperial Hotel Tokyo [Access]
Organizers Nikkei Inc.
Harvard Business School
Corporate Sponsor EY Japan
Sponsors Asahi Kasei Corporation
Tokai Tokyo Financial Group
Volvo Car Japan
Media Supporter Nikkei CNBC Japan
Media Partner Financial Times
Registration Fee 63,000yen(lunch and tax included)
Registration Deadline *Registration closed.


2013.10.23 The 15th Nikkei Global Management Forum ended with a success on October 22th (Tue), 2013. We deeply thank all of your participation. The outline of the forum and overview of the lectures are posted on The Nikkei (a Japanese daily), The Nikkei Industrial Daily and (an English news site) in the October 21 (Mon) through 23 (Wed).
2013.10.11 Registration closed.
2013.09.13 Registration is now open.

*Speakers' Details (Name, Title, Affiliation, Profile, etc.) posted on this website are as of Sep. 13, 2013.
*Please be advised that the program may be subject to change.


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